Computer networking products specialize in interconnecting computing devices to exchange data and share resources with each other. These networking products are used to transmit information over physical or wireless technologies and are highly used in today’s technological era. Computer networking products allow you to virtually link your devices to share data or any piece of information easily.

The basic building blocks of computer networking are nodes and links. While nodes are data communication equipment such as a modem, hub, or switch, a link connects two nodes and assists in transmitting information between them. Note that links can be physical using cable wires or optical fibers or they can be wireless too.

Read on to know how you can get access to the most advanced computer networking products and IoT hardware devices with innovative white label IoT solutions, using Dusun. Here’s their official website

A Catalog By Dusun

1. Smart Gateways

Smart gateways are specifically designed to connect two or more IoT devices for sharing data or information. It is one of the most important parts of the system of the Internet of Things. Dusun provides users with an advanced IoT gateway that acts as a centralized hub connecting IoT devices and sensors to cloud-based computing and data processing.

2. Wireless Modules

Dusun makes your life easier by providing you well priced solutions to your IoT related problems and simplifying the process of connecting your devices to the internet. It provides you with advanced wireless modules that are hardware devices specializing in fully integrated wireless communications which will connect your device to the Internet wirelessly. A wireless module belongs to the transmission layer of IoT as it transmits and/or receives radio signals between devices.

3. Smart IoT Devices

Considering turning your house into a smart home? Say no more because Dusun provides you with a variety of smart IoT devices which can connect to the Internet, gather information, and exchange data with other devices. There are many smart IoT devices for you to choose from, ranging from smart mobiles, smart refrigerators, and smartwatches to smart door locks, medical sensors, and smart security systems.

4. Smart Sensors

Dusun provides a range of smart products which have been thoroughly tested and validated by end users. It believes in leaving traditional methods and adopting smarter and better solutions such as smart sensors. These devices are used to collect information from the physical environment and take predefined actions by using embedded microprocessors. Smart sensors like humidity sensors, pressure sensors, electric current sensors, and others, enable you to process environmental data with ease.

5. Smart Switches

Smart switches can turn any two points in your home into smart points whether they are for controlling lights or for plugging any appliances. One of the most basic ways to turn your home into a smart home is to install smart switches that let you control them with your phone. Smart switches can also be controlled by using voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

6. Network Devices

Dusun provides you with a range of advanced network devices, be it a hub, switch, router, or gateway. In today’s technological time, network devices are a must to share and receive important data over the Internet. Such networking devices allow you to smoothly communicate between different hardware devices connected to a network.


Dusun has played a pivotal role in the expansion of the IoT world as it provides users with the perfect innovative solution for IoT-related applications such as home automation, smart offices, and agriculture. Go ahead and grab one IoT or networking device for your home or office use today!

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