Ever been to a parking lot or an amusement park, you get inside and there is a machine on pressing which a card comes out automatically, that machine is called a card dispenser machine. A self-service card dispenser machine is an automated machine that issues cards when commanded, at various places. This not only saves money from the end of the owner but also makes proceedings go very smoothly without much of a fuss. This self-service tool works by taking cards as their inputs and reading commands entered by the consumer before issuing the cards.

In this article, you’re going to understand the applications and the advantages of a card dispenser. This article will give us a look at what a card dispenser tool is.

Applications Of A Self-service Card Dispenser

In this section, you’re going to see the applications of a self-service card dispenser tool where it is used.

1. Automatic Ticketing Systems & Machines

The self-service card dispenser tool is used in automatic ticketing systems and machines where the footfall is very humongous in number and is very difficult and time taking to manage the crowd. Like in parking where a large number of vehicles comes in and go out very often that to be managed by humans is nearly impossible, here the card dispenser comes into action and easily dispenses the parking tickets, with ease.

2. Hotels

The self-service card dispenser tool is also used in hotels, where the facility of self-check-in and self-check-out is available so consumers can easily and quickly do their check-ins and check-outs with ease, after verification they dispense the room key cards to the consumers who then use it.

Advantages Of Lintechtt Card Dispensers

So you have by now understood the applications of card dispensers, now you will look at the advantages of the self-service card dispensing tool produced by Lintechtt.

1. Long Running Life

The self-service card dispenser tool manufactured by Lintechtt is very high in strength and has a durable engineered plastic card channel, which not only makes it easy to dispense cards but also to read and write the SF cards. It has a coating of roast paint which is suitable for all kinds of environments.

2. Issues Cards Smoothly

As stated in the above point the engineered plastic channel makes the cards come out way too smoothly than its competitors. The ease with which the card comes out is appreciable. When you use it you will come to know by yourself the difference that you will see in comparison to other card dispensing systems.

3. Quick Response

From the past experiences of production and with the help of innovative minds,  Lintechtt has produced a gem in the world of card dispensers. Lintechtt’s card dispenser is equipped with best-in-the-class sensors that respond very quickly as compared to its counterparts.

4. Highly Compact- Saves Space

Lintechtt’s automated card dispenser tools are highly compact in nature, which don’t take up much of the space and provide you with the exact or rather better than what their bulky counterparts do. It saves its installation space thereby giving you one more reason to buy card dispensers manufactured by Lintechtt.

5. Low Power Consumption

The automated card dispensing tools made by Lintechtt are very energy efficient in nature(24V/2.5A), which not only brings a difference in your electricity bill but also saves energy thereby contributing to the greater good. With an energy rating this good, you will have the upper hand when you use Lintechtt’s automated card dispensing tool.

6. Rear Card Tank For Efficient Card Storage

The automated card dispenser tool manufactured by Lintechtt in addition to offering the things mentioned above offers another convenience, it has a rear card tank that makes the card storage system in the tool very efficient. The rear of the card tank is designed in such a manner that it aids in easy management.

7. Sensors To Tell Card Tank Status

Lintechtt’s produced automatic card dispenser tools are highly equipped with technology. The card dispensing tools have sensors mounted on them. These sensors can tell if the card tank is full or empty and has an alarm for it. Its sensors can also detect the card’s position and can easily distinguish it


By the above-listed points, there should hardly be any area left for discussion over the quality that Lintechtt’s card dispensers have to offer. They are certainly the best available options in the market. If you compare Lintechtt’s automatic card dispensing tool with any other automated card dispenser you will see the difference, Lintechtt’s card dispensing tool will make you feel elite when you will use the best in the class.

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