Energy storage devices powered by batteries provide the ability to address previously intractable issues. This might be done, for instance, by providing a steady supply of backup power in case of an emergency or by removing costly demand charges from the company’s electricity bill.

What Is Battery Energy Storage?

The battery energy storage system is the energy from solar panels or the grid that can be stored in rechargeable batteries and later used to power a building or a residence. Featuring cutting-edge technologies that standard batteries lack, these batteries can effortlessly accomplish tasks that were previously difficult or impossible, like peak shaving and load shifting.

Combining solar panels with batteries is not a novel concept. The first solar pioneers commonly hooked up their systems to a bank of marine deep cycle batteries. This was the sole option for putting stored solar energy to use at night before the broad adoption of net metering. Energy storage devices that use batteries today are conceptually comparable to older ones but are vastly more advanced and potent. If the older battery banks were the flip phones of their day, then today’s battery energy storage devices would be the cutting-edge smartphone.

In most cases, the inverter and the control system for today’s battery energy storage system is built in. They are effortless to set up, need little care, and produce immediate results with little input from the owner. They can withstand any weather and are totally safe for humans and animals.

What’s Inside this Technology?

One or more battery modules, sensors, control components, and an inverter are all part of each energy storage unit. A dedicated inverter is utilized in DC-coupled devices. The inverter is built right into AC-coupled equipment. Incorporating these parts into energy storage systems elevates them above standard batteries.

An energy storage unit can remain operational even if a single battery module fails due to the presence of many interchangeable battery modules. There will be zero interruption in service when this module is replaced.

Safe operation and remote monitoring are both made possible by sensors. Sensors onboard monitor temperatures, detect when a battery module is failing, and send that information along to you and your energy provider.

Energy storage systems with the appropriate control components can be set up to do their designated work with no more input from the user. Batteries can be set up to automatically charge when electricity is cheap and discharge when it’s expensive, or they can be used to store energy for use during a blackout.

Because of the built-in inverters make setting up the system quick and cheap. DC-coupled battery storage systems with separate inverters are less flexible than AC-coupled ones with integrated inverters but can be inexpensive, efficient, and a viable choice for off-grid houses. AC-linked devices are more versatile, can function without solar panels, and are simpler to set up, such as Tesla’s Powerwall 2. Connecting a modern system to an existing electrical grid is as easy as plugging it in.

Energy storage systems, such as the ones we provide, can be further distinguished by incorporating additional features such as built-in cooling systems, weatherproof construction, and a scalable architectural design.

Performance is guaranteed to be at its best thanks to the integrated cooling system. The ability to put energy storage systems outside without the need for costly shelter is a major advantage of weatherproof designs. Thanks to the scalable design, multiple energy storage units can be connected to form a bigger system. It’s easy to create more rooms if needed.

These features together make battery energy storage systems reliable, scalable, and affordable.

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